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Hiring foreign workers in Canada? CIVS can help

Are you a Canadian employer struggling to find skilled and talented local workers? Are you seeking to hire foreign workers for your business and need assistance in the process? Canada Immigration and Visa Services (CIVS) is a leading immigration practice that has a dedicated employment division for Canadian employers seeking to hire foreign talent.

CIVS is available to assist and navigate the process for Canadian employers seeking to hire foreign workers. Canada Immigration and Visa Services specializes in labour impact assessment applications (LMIA), PR/Dual-Intent LMIA’s, and pathways to permanent residency for foreign workers. Below you will find information for Canadian employers seeking to hire foreign workers to fill skills and labour shortages for their business.

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Hiring Foreign Workers in Canada

Information for Canadian employers seeking to hire foreign workers to fill skills and labour shortages for their business.

When the domestic labour supply in Canada is not sufficiently trained, experienced, or located appropriately to meet the labour demands of employers in certain industry segments or communities, Canadian employers must look to hire foreign talent to fill these vacancies. In some cases, Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada can govern the entrance of a foreign worker to the Canadian labour market through the constrained International Mobility Program.

However, most employers and foreign workers do not meet the limited scope of the International Mobility Program and must utilize the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) if they are seeking to hire foreign talent for long-term positions. The TFWP is governed and administered by Service Canada, concurrently known as ESDC (Employment and Social Development Canada).

In the CIVS employment division, we assist Canadian employers from all industries navigate the complexities of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program to recruit and hire skilled foreign workers to fill labour shortages within their organization. We let you focus on your business while we find the talent and complete the paperwork. We have expansive international networks to recruit foreign talent and have eligible workers on standby, seeking the right employer, occupation, and opportunity.

What is the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP) and do I need an LMIA?

The objectives of the program created by Service Canada in relation to Canada’s immigration policy with IRCC, are to enable employers to access foreign workers and foreign talent when they cannot find the labour domestically with Canadians/PRs.

An LMIA stands for Labour Market Impact Assessment. It is a review of an employer’s application to hire a foreign worker performed by Service Canada to ensure that the employer seeking to hire a foreign worker has made a genuine job offer and that the employment of the foreign worker will not negatively impact the Canadian labour market.

If a positive LMIA is issued by Service Canada for the employer, then the foreign worker may apply for a work permit.

Why is an LMIA Required?

Canada requires an LMIA to substantiate that the job offer by the employer is real and that hiring the foreign worker will not have a negative impact on the Canadian labour market. It is to protect Canadian jobs and to ensure that Canadians/PRs have the opportunity to fill vacant positions first.

In plain English, it is a system to prevent job fraud for immigration purposes while ensuring that foreign workers are not “stealing jobs” from Canadians/PRs.

The Process

We handle all aspects of the recruitment process and require very little time commitment from the employer. We pre-screen candidates for eligibility and set up interviews with you as the employer. We require less than 1 hour of your time for the entire process for some minor paperwork completion. The rest is left to CIVS.

The timeline is as follows:

  • We have a video conversation to completely understand your recruitment needs
  • We post advertisements on 4 different websites (28 days)
  • We simultaneously start recruitment process
  • We organize a video interviews for you and perform reference checks
  • We assist with creating Employment Contracts and submitting an LMIA (2-10 weeks processing time)
  • We prepare you for an interview with Service Canada
  • Upon approval, we apply for applicant’s Work Permit applications (from 1 day – 2 months processing time)

We are here to plan your staffing needs well ahead your busy season so your employees arrive on time.

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Advantages for employers hiring foreign workers

International Skills: Foreign workers arrive in Canada armed with international skills to bring to the Canadian labour market. Whether it’s a chef who’s worked at 5 star hotel in Zurich, a skilled roofer from Eastern Europe, or a highly skilled accountant from India; only the best foreign workers from abroad make it to work in Canada.

Commitment to Employer (Low Turnover): Foreign workers are issued a location-specific, employer-specific, and occupation-specific work permit when obtained through an LMIA. Unlike Canadians/PR/s who have choice in occupation, location, and employer, temporary foreign workers will remain with their employer for several years and to achieve a smooth pathway to permanent residence in Canada.

Advantages for Canadians

Skills Transfer: Foreign workers with international experience transfer their skills to Canadian workers.

Job Creation: When employers can find the right talent, and skilled workers, their business can thrive and they can hire more. As the expression goes, “a rising tide lifts all boats.”

Revitalization of Rural: Foreign workers often are required in communities that face labour shortages such as remote communities. This fights the “brain-drain” experienced in these geographic areas.

Advantages for Foreign Workers

Work in Canada: The opportunity to work in Canada is a privilege and foreign workers are grateful to have the opportunity to work in one of the higher paying labour markets worldwide.

Opportunity to Immigrate: By working in Canada, and obtaining Canadian work experience, foreign workers are able to secure a pathway to permanent residence and ultimately citizenship after several years.


Hiring Foreign Workers FAQs

What are the different streams of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program?2021-03-05T11:59:19-07:00

There are 7 different LMIA streams within the TFWP and each have their own use and purpose:

  • LMIA for High-Wage occupations
  • LMIA Low-Wage occupations
  • LMIA for Agricultural Workers
  • LMIA for Seasonal Agricultural Workers
  • LMIA for Dual-Intent (Express Entry)
  • LMIA for Global Talent Stream
  • LMIA for In-home caregivers

CIVS will assist and guide on which LMIA stream is most appropriate for the type of worker you are seeking to hire.

Do I need to provide them with accommodations?2021-03-05T12:00:44-07:00

You do not need to provide foreign workers with accommodation unless specified in your application.

Why do we call them temporary workers if the position is full-time and they intend to become permanent residents?2021-03-05T12:01:42-07:00

Workers may or may not wish to ultimately resettle in Canada. However, the objectives of the program are for employers to be able to fill labour shortages with foreign workers. Some may be temporary, but many seek to transition to permanent residence as one of the fastest ways to immigrate to Canada is through Canadian work experience in an occupation or job in demand.

Can I pay foreign workers less than Canadians/PRs?2021-03-05T12:02:10-07:00

No. Temporary Foreign Workers are protected by the same labour laws that govern engagements with Canadians/PRs. They cannot be paid less than minimum wage or the terms of engagement as stipulated on their job offer to Service Canada. In addition, they can’t be paid less then median rate of pay for that occupation and location as posted on the Job bank: https://www.jobbank.gc.ca/home

I am struggling to find Canadian workers; can I hire a foreign worker?2021-03-05T12:02:36-07:00

In many cases yes. There are some restrictions on types of positions, or if employers have been non-compliant with the program in the past.

How much does it cost to hire a foreign worker?2021-03-05T12:03:39-07:00

The monthly cost of hiring a foreign worker will be the same as hiring a Canadian/PR as there are no additional dues on wages or salary. There is a $1,000 government application fee for each LMIA set by Service Canada to fund the program. Our recruitment fees are negotiable and they vary depending on the number of positions requested. We consider our fees as an investment in the most valuable company’s resources!

Am I allowed to lay off my foreign worker?2021-03-05T12:04:07-07:00

Yes. You can lay off a foreign worker, as you would be able to with a Canadian or PR worker, in the circumstances of a lack of work. Please refer to your Provincial labour laws.

What if I want to terminate my foreign worker?2021-03-05T12:32:18-07:00

As with any Canadian or Permanent Resident, you can terminate their employment for just cause in accordance with Provincial labour laws.

Can my foreign worker leave and work for another employer?2021-03-05T12:34:14-07:00

Their work permit issued from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) stipulates that they can only work in their occupation, location and for the employer stated on their work permit and LMIA application. A temporary foreign worker can seek an LMIA from another employer and re-apply for a Work Permit if they wish to change employers.

Why should I retain counsel?2021-03-05T12:34:59-07:00

By retaining Canada Immigration and Visa Services, you are able focus on your business and leave the recruitment to us. We can assist with the objectives of the foreign worker for permanent residence and have many, pre-qualified, screened and skilled applicants seeking work in Canada. We simplify the process for employers, requiring less than 1 hour of time to facilitate the entire process.

How can I get started hiring a foreign worker?2021-03-05T12:35:26-07:00

Contact CIVS today through the form below. We will have an initial meeting to discover the employment needs and challenges your business is facing. We take care of the entire compliance part to receive a positive LMIA and assist with the interview and screening process for prospective applicants.

Do I need to pay for their flight?2021-03-05T12:37:53-07:00

In most cases, no. There are some streams that require paid transportation.

Some of our clients are:


Foreign Worker Employer Placement Testimonials

Very professional and kind. Nikola was a great help and answered the many questions we had promptly. Very satisfied with this business and we will use them again to recruit staff!
The process CIVS made very smooth. I am happy with contact with them. Nikola helped me lot to do the process. Thank you to all who worked for the process. Thank you once again.
They really have the great people like Mr. Nikola Misina assisting me with the process of my Work Permit absolutely quick that I’d never imagine. My Working Visa was approved in 2 months time. Professional, Straight forward, He will definitely work hard for you each & every step of the way.

Special thanks to Mr. Nikola for being such a wonderful, helpful and a kind person as he has been amazing throughout the process. The special part about this company is their prompt reply, genuine service and friendly staff who made the entire process look very simple. I wish them all the best and once again thank you Mr. Nikola for your contribution and definitely I hope to meet you guys at least once in Canada for helping me out in my career.


Nikola Misina helped me to do a papers for my wife. Nikola did a GREAT JOB for us!!! Everything went smooth and fast! Canada immigration and visa service is the place you can trust!!!


Hi. I am Rajesh from India. Mr Nikola and his team handled my LMIA and work permit application.i was impressed by the way they filed my application and the whole process. My work permit was rejected 6 years back and this is my second time. They make sure that I submitted all my documents and corrected few things. I followed them and took their advice seriously submitting my documents. Mr Nikola was very patient and constantly was in touch with me regarding my application. I would like to thank Jeethna( admin) as well in this regard. I strongly recommend Nikola (CIVS) and his team for immigration and work permit process.


CIVS Foreign Workers Program Team


Sean G. McKinsley, B.A., RCIC


Sean G. McKinsley, BA, RCIC is the Managing Partner and Founder of Canada Immigration and Visa Services Inc. (CIVS).


Kimberly J White, RCIC


Kimberly J White, RCIC is a Partner of Canada Immigration and Visa Services Inc. (CIVS).

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