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    This guidebook is a valuable resource for anyone wishing to pursue a "Work To Immigrate" pathway in Canada with a sponsored job and positive LMIA. Canada Immigration and Visa Services (CIVS) takes pride in assisting our clients to come to Canada permanently through the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) program for Permanent Residence. Mr. Nikola Misina is considered one of Canada’s leading professionals for his hands-on assistance to newcomers using the PR LMIA program. Mr. Misina and his colleagues at Canada Immigration and Visa Services are recognized by their valued clients for being professional, ethical, hardworking advocates who get the job done. While it is true that the internet is populated with promises for easy employment in Canada, the truth is that immigrating to Canada through an LMIA employment program can be highly complicated, and having a professional representative can make a difference for insuring all the bases are covered. Mr. Misina is joined by the management team of Sean G McKinsley, Steven J Paolasini, Robin Kapoor, Micky Singh, Connie Kwok, Anne Serrano, Kimberly White, and their staff who together work for the best possible outcome with each and every client case. The success case stories and Internet case stories found on Google are testimonials to the dedication and hard work that our team brings to each and every client case. We hope that you will find this publication to be an informative resource book as your first step in making plans to come to Canada under the PR LMIA program.
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    This program is designed for founders or cofounders of a start-up business to launch their start-up in Canada and immigrate while doing so. It is a highly competitive program, and it’s fundamental that you obtain a commitment certificate from a designated organization before you are granted a work permit or be able to apply for PR to Canada. This guidebook is dedicated to the process of the Startup Visa pathway to Canada.
  • The ICT Program was designed by the Government of Canada to allow foreign nationals to work in Canada without an LMIA to establish or launch the Canadian operations of an existing international company. The work permit granted for an Intra Company Transferee applicant is LMIA-exempt and falls under exemption code C-12. The program was not designed as a pathway to permanent residency, but depending on the circumstances, there may be a pathway for individuals and their families to immigrate permanently after being issued a work permit as an ICT. Once you receive a work permit, your spouse automatically is eligible for an open work permit, where they can work anywhere in Canada. Yourself, as well as your children or dependents, will be eligible for free healthcare, subsidized education, and many of the other benefits Canadians enjoy. A pathway to Permanent Residency is more common after having gained the work experience necessary to apply for the appropriate immigration stream or if other circumstances change, such as your spouse obtaining skilled work experience in Canada on an open work permit or improvement of your language skills, etc. This guidebook focuses on the process for eligible candidates to secure a work permit and visa using this pathway.
  • This publication is intended as a wellspring for entrepreneurs who wish to make Canada their new home through Canada’s Owner Operator stream. The Owner Operator pathway is an efficient process by which foreign nationals may permanently resettle to Canada by starting or purchasing a business.
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