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Why Alberta for Real Estate Immigration

Canada Immigration and Visa Services (CIVS) is a leading Canadian-based immigration practice and business development firm with large overseas operational support specializing in business immigration to Canada (including real estate backed immigration). Our track record of success and reputation is built upon our expertise in helping you and your family immigrate to Canada by investing in or purchasing an existing business, by starting up an eligible business asset in Canada or by expanding your current international business operations to Canada. We have assisted many families in resettling to Canada by purchasing or starting an eligible business asset in Canada to qualify under the Owner Operator LMIA Pathway. This pathway allows for permanent residency to be granted to Canada in less than 1 year in the best-case scenarios. See Mr. Ludhar as an example. 

For qualified candidates who have a sufficient amount of liquid capital and are looking for extra security in their investment CIVS can refer our clients to our third-party trusted partners that offer a selection of handpicked, real-estate backed businesses for an immigration solution to resettle in Canada and obtain permanent residency for you and your family. The real estate backed businesses are referred through our CIVS Marketplace partners. Together, we work as a team for your success by aligning you with the right business immigration solutions. Many of our clients observe that a business backed by real estate is inherently a more secure investment as it is backed by real property. CIVS and our partners can provide you with a turnkey,  all in one solution, including the immigration service required to successfully settle in Canada under the Owner Operator LMIA pathway. 

About CIVS

CIVS has offices and partner resources in Surrey-Vancouver, British Columbia, New Delhi, India and Calgary, Alberta. 

CIVS is headquartered in Calgary Alberta, and there has never been a better opportunity to purchase a business, acquire real estate property, and settle in and around Calgary. Contact us for more information.

For those considering Calgary, Alberta, we are the fourth largest city in Canada and near the United States and Pacific coast. With the best infrastructure in Canada, a bounty of natural resources, well-maintained schools and leading healthcare system; Alberta and Calgary can only grow significantly over the next decade. The last 5 years have been challenging for Calgary and Alberta. The combination of low energy prices, the inability to get Alberta’s large reserves of oil to market (pipeline problems exacerbated by the current federal government), and COVID-19 battering the world markets; have drastically reduced the market value of many businesses and properties offering the opportunity to purchase land, businesses, and homes at a discount for growth in the future.  

Alberta real estate backed immigration guidebook

We have highlighted all the reasons why we believe there has never been a better time to invest in Calgary and invest in Alberta. We have published a corresponding E-book titled:  

Why Immigrants Should Choose Alberta, Canada for Permanent Residence – A guidebook about Alberta immigration, permanent residency and the historical opportunity to own real-estate property, start a business, and prosper in Alberta.” 

This E Guidebook available for download and provides information on the market conditions in Calgary and Alberta and why immigrant investors should be choosing this great province.

Please submit your information below so we can send you a free copy of our “Why Alberta E-book”. 

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For prospective immigrants, who are looking for a secure, real-estate backed business investment, we have a selection of handpicked, real-estate backed businesses located in Calgary or Alberta. Included in these businesses are the and the corresponding immigration services required to help you and your family settle in Canada are inclusive of package deal pricing. 

The market in Calgary, and Alberta as a whole, there has never been a more opportune time to invest

Positive  Progress in Alberta

Keystone XL is getting built and investor confidence coming back in the face of COVID-19 with a surge in Canadian energy stocks and the TSX. 

Since the oil price crash in late 2014, Alberta has been struggling to profit off one of Canada’s most significant natural resources, the world’s third-largest reserves of oil which are contained within the province. The challenges the Alberta economy has faced has not been because of a lack of supply or demand in the world for Alberta oil. None of these challenges have been market-based challenges. Fundamentally, Alberta has struggled to get its ethically sourced oil to market, because of political, foreign-funded special interest groups and federal governmental roadblocks to pipeline construction. Essentially, Alberta’s oil has been landlocked in the face of increasing world demand because we simply have not been able to build pipelines, the preferred mode of transport for oil. 

Today, during all the uncertainly around COVID-19, Jason Kenney, the Premiere of Alberta, announced that Keystone XL Pipeline will be getting built. This is incredible news for any Albertan and any Canadian. Here is an excerpt from the government: 

“Just today, The Government of Alberta has finalized an agreement with Calgary-based TC Energy to provide financial support for accelerated construction of the Keystone XL Pipeline. The Keystone XL pipeline allows Alberta to export its vast resources of energy to the United States market for refining and processing. 

This will see an immediate start to the construction of the pipeline, creating 7,000 Alberta jobs this year alone. Once operational in 2023, Keystone XL will carry 830,000 barrels per day of Alberta crude oil to U.S. Gulf Coast Refineries, helping to protect the value of the energy resources that belong to all Albertans” 

For more information for this critical update, refer to this link  

COVID-19: Trans Mountain expansion remains on schedule despite pandemic 

The expansion is considered critical infrastructure for landlocked oil producers in Alberta who want to expand to Asia’s energy-hungry markets. The 590,000-barrels-per-day expansion would raise the pipeline’s capacity to 890,000-bpd. More than 90 per cent of Canada’s oil exports are currently shipped to the U.S. 

For more information: 

Here is an overview of the advantages and value-based real estate immigration opportunities in Calgary, Alberta Canada.

Source: Calgary Economic Development