Diamond Platinum Ultimate Package (2100+ pages): Owner Operator LMIA Guidebook + 1 Complete LMIA Submission Example + 3 Business Plans + Internal Government Documents and Directives

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This diamond platinum digital package includes everything from CIVS resources and all you need for guidance on submitting an Owner Operator LMIA application. Included in this digital document are the following documents:

  1. Owner Operator LMIA Guidebook and Internal Service Canada Government document compendium annotated and earmarked by CIVS regarding the Temporary Foreign Worker Program in the context of an Owner Operator LMIA (1466 pages)
  2. 3 Successful Owner Operator LMIA Business Plan Samples
    • Logistics Franchise
    • Paper Trading Company
    • IT Services Company
  3. 1 Complete Owner Operator LMIA submission for a Convenience Store chain (500+ pages)


This document is a total of: 2100+ pages

This digital document contains

Owner Operator LMIA Guidebook and Internal Service Canada (Government of Canada) documents and training for officers in reference to the Owner Operator definition under the Temporary Foreign Worker Program

  • 1400+ pages

Complete Owner Operator Application Submission and Confirmation

  • 500+ pages

3 Additional Owner Operator LMIA Business Plans

  • 200+ pages

This digital product is broken down into 5 separate downloads for your convenience.


PART 1: Owner Operator LMIA Guidebook Resources Including

Detailed Overview of the Owner-Operator LMIA Pathway
Chapter 1 Employment Reference Letter
Chapter 2 Resume
Chapter 3 Business Plan
Chapter 4 Attestation Letter
Chapter 5 Incorporating in Canada
Chapter 6 Business Licence
Chapter 7 Website Content
Chapter 8 Asset Purchase Business vs. Share Purchase Business
Chapter 9 Lease Agreement
Chapter 10 Central Securities Register
Chapter 11 Bank Account Statements
Chapter 12 Permanent Residency Documents: Police Clearance, Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) and English Language Test (IELTS)
Chapter 13 How to Apply

Internal Service Canada / Government of Canada:  Training Manuals for Officers and Personnel, Service Wiki, Owner-Operator Guidance and National Headquarters Directives

📌Owner Operator
📌Seven Labour Market Factors
📌Definition of Owner Operator
📌Signing Authority
📌Guidance / Owner Operator Notice
📌Ten Day Speed of Service
📌LMIA Genuineness
📌LMIA Genuineness Factor A
📌LMIA Genuineness Factor B
📌LMIA Genuineness Factor C
📌LMIA Genuineness Factor D
📌Global Assessment of 7 Labour Market Factors
📌Direct Job Creation or Retention
📌Owner-Operator Guidance-TFW in WT


PART 2: LMIA Sample Submission

Included in this file are the following documents broken down below:

Schedule 0
Successful 00 NOC (CEO/Director) LMIA Confirmation

Schedule 1

  • Submission Letter
  • Main Application
  • Transition Plan
  • Use of a Representative Form
  • Comprehensive LMIA Business Plan

Schedule 2

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Resolutions of the Shareholders and Directors
  • Other Relevant Corporate Data
  • CRA – Business Numbers
  • Lease Agreement
  • Central Securities Register
  • Personnel Plan
  • Personal and Company Bank Accounts (Canada)
  • Personal and Company Bank Accounts (India)

Schedule 3

  • Asset Purchase Agreement
  • Copy of Wire Transfer to purchase asset
  • Copy of Authorization and Direction to Release Funds From Trust Account
  • Statement by Lawyer of Trust Funds Received

Schedule 4

  • Initial Agreement Communication
  • Franchise Agreement
  • Trade License
  • ITR and Tax Assessments
  • Rental Invoices

Schedule 5

  • Resume of CEO and President
  • Passport Copy
  • Educational Degrees
  • IELTS Test Result
  • Food Handler Certification
  • Certifications
  • Pay Statements

Schedule 6

  • Employment offer for Convenience Store Manager
  • Advertisement for Convenience Store Manager
  • Advertisement for Retail Sales/Store Clerk
  • Advertisement for Food Counter Attendant
  • Resumes of short-listed new employee candidates

PART III:Business Plan – IT Services Company

Part IV: Business Plan – Paper Trading Company

Part V: Business Plan – Logistics Franchise


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