This package includes a 1 hour consultation with Nikola Misina to find an LMIA Jobs pathway for you and your family. A “Work to Immigrate” pathway.

In addition, you will receive a digital copy of our publication, “How to Find LMIA Jobs in Canada Guidebook.”

This guidebook is a valuable resource for anyone wishing to pursue a “Work To Immigrate” pathway in Canada with a sponsored job and positive LMIA.

Canada Immigration and Visa Services (CIVS) takes pride in assisting our clients to come to Canada permanently through the Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) program for Permanent Residence.

Mr. Nikola Misina is considered one of Canada’s leading professionals for his hands-on assistance to newcomers using the PR LMIA program. Mr. Misina and his colleagues at Canada Immigration and Visa Services are recognized by their valued clients for being professional, ethical, hardworking advocates who get the job done.

While it is true that the internet is populated with promises for easy employment in Canada, the truth is that immigrating to Canada through an LMIA employment program can be highly complicated, and having a professional representative can make a difference for insuring all the bases are covered.

The success case stories and Internet case stories found on Google are testimonials to the dedication and hard work that our team brings to each and every client case. We hope that you will find this publication to be an informative resource book as your first step in making plans to come to Canada under the PR LMIA program.

Please see below, testimonials from clients that have been assisted by Canada Immigration and Visa Services and Nikola Misina.