The ICT Program was designed by the Government of Canada to allow foreign nationals to work in Canada without an LMIA to establish or launch the Canadian operations of an existing international company. The work permit granted for an Intra Company Transferee applicant is LMIA-exempt and falls under exemption code C-12. The program was not designed as a pathway to permanent residency, but depending on the circumstances, there may be a pathway for individuals and their families to immigrate permanently after being issued a work permit as an ICT. Once you receive a work permit, your spouse automatically is eligible for an open work permit, where they can work anywhere in Canada. Yourself, as well as your children or dependents, will be eligible for free healthcare, subsidized education, and many of the other benefits Canadians enjoy. A pathway to Permanent Residency is more common after having gained the work experience necessary to apply for the appropriate immigration stream or if other circumstances change, such as your spouse obtaining skilled work experience in Canada on an open work permit or improvement of your language skills, etc. This guidebook focuses on the process for eligible candidates to secure a work permit and visa using this pathway.