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The CIVS Track Record – We ❤️ Hong Kong!

Canada Immigration and Visa Services (CIVS) is a leading immigration practice with a specialization in business development assistance for overseas clients in Hong Kong wishing to establish their business in Canada, immigrate by purchasing a turn-key operational business in Canada, or work in Canada.

CIVS specializes in Labour Market Impact Assessments (LMIA), PR LMIA and the Owner Operator LMIA for our business investor immigrants. CIVS is uniquely available to provide business development support and assistance and will support you in finding the right place for you and your family to settle in Canada.

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Investment Stream Approvals

Jamie Chan – Owner Operator


Jamie Chan is the President and General Manager of Jamie Chan Math & Music Learning, a private mathematics and music school located in the heart of Calgary, Alberta.

CIVS assisted Jamie in setting up her Alberta corporation, developing her business, and applying for her Owner Operator LMIA. Her application was submitted on May 28, 2020 and she received her interview request on October 26, 2020. Jamie was approved on the same day, and the following week was selected to apply for permanent residency in Canada’s express entry system after gaining 200 CRS points.

Ben Wu – Owner Operator


Ben Wu is the CEO of Team X Studio a Toronto-based company that designs and builds the projection setup displays to produce holographic images and other immersive 3-dimensional designed displays.

CIVS assisted Ben in submitting in setting up his Canadian company and submitting his Owner Operator LMIA on August 26, 2020. He received his interview request on September 26th and was approved on September 29th. The very next day Ben received an Invitation to Apply for Permanent Residency. As the CEO and Owner Operator, Ben received 200 CRS points making it possible for him to be selected for PR through Canada’s Express Entry system as a Federal Skilled Worker. The Owner Operator Pathway requires that your business be fully operational and is designed to support entrepreneurial newcomers like Ben in launching their business in Canada.

Anthony Tung – Owner Operator


Anthony Tung is the General Manager of Urban Tails Pet Group, a progressive, growing brand of pet food retail and online shops located in Calgary, Alberta.

CIVS assisted Anthony in setting up his business in Alberta, staffing his company, growing his brand, and diversifying the offerings of the company. Anthony was recently approved and is now eligible to come to Canada with a Work permit and accompanying open work permit for his wife, and vistor records and study permits for his children. We look forward to welcoming Anthony to Alberta.

Employment Stream Approvals

Ms. Leung

Approved: October 20, 2020

Ms. Leung from Hong Kong is now eligible for an expedited work permit to Canada as a Food Service Supervisor after received an approved PR LMIA. After working in Alberta for 1 year, she will be eligible for permanent residency through Express Entry or will receive a provincial nomination fast track before that time.

Mr. Mak

Approved: November 5, 2020

Mr. Mak is a Hong Kong national who received a PR LMIA approval on the 5th of November 2020 as a Food Service Supervisor. He will work for 1 year in Canada and be eligible as a Canadian Experience Class candidate in Express Entry.

Ms. Leung

Approved: November 12, 2020

Another Ms. Leung from Hong Kong was approved to work as an Office Manager in beautiful British Columbia after receiving an approved PR LMIA. Ms. Leung will be eligible for BC Express Entry, or federal Express Entry under Canadian Experience Class after 1 year of work in Canada.


Hong Kong Immigration Testimonials

“I am here to express my great appreciation to CIVS. CIVS is the best immigration agency to work with. This professional team provides the efficient and suitable way to guide you with the immigration process. They helped me to set up a company which is suit for me and also apply for LMIA, work permit and Express Entry as well. I am thankful to get PR invitation after 9 months process. It was such a great success for CIVS again. I want to say thank you to Sean, Connie and Nick for being such a helpful person throughout the process. Special thanks to Connie again for the contributions, she is a friendly and caring staff who communicates with me all the time. I highly recommend this company for immigration to my friends because of their excellent work and services. They deserve my 5 stars reward. Last but not least, I send my best wish to CIVS and definitely I hope to meet you guys soon.
Thank you!”

Jamie Chan

“I would like to express my appreciation to you and your teammates according to the application of Owner Operator LMIA and Express Entry.

On 29 September 2000 afternoon, I was thrilled when I received a call from Connie that my OO LMIA application has been approved. Then the next day, I was successfully invited to apply for PR by the EE draw on 30 September 2020, it’s beyond my expectation. During these 3 months, I was pleased to work with your team especially Connie, she always provided me with prompt advice even after working hours. Sean, I’m envious that you have Connie in CIVS. I need to thank Steven for the bravo business plan with every detailed figure that was written in just a very limited time. Also Anne and Kimberly, you both made the progress smooth well. Finally, I do appreciate for Sean’s professional guidance and I don’t think that it’s easy without your assistance. Sean, you make things happen, always ~and yes, this is how you roll~”

Ben Wu

“Thanks Sean, Connie and the Team, I can’t find a word to express my happiness and thanks god!! Given the HK situation, most of the real HKers are planning to flee and it’s a good time to arrange my new life in a country which upholds and respects the same values.

See you all next year and appreciate for your help.”

Ms Leung

Canada Is Our Partner

Canada’s Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship has announced on November 12th, 2020, increased measures to directly support and encourage Hong Kong residents to resettle in Canada as students, workers, and permanent residents.

Canada is enacting immediate policies to grow the Canadian economy with skilled Hong Kongers while in tandem offering support and relief for residents of Hong Kong where democracy is under threat by the actions of the Chinese government including the imposition of the National Security Law on June 30th 2020.

Some of these policy changes include:

  • Expedited work and study permit processing for residents of Hong Kong
  • A pathway to PR for young graduates
  • Asylum claims for Hong Kong residents, and more.

Canada Immigration and Visa Services is on standby and available to assist Hong Kong residents in resettling to Canada now. Both work and study are considered essential travel to Canada, and Canada welcomes Hong Kongers. Canada supports the right to peaceful protests, freedom of expression and freedom of assembly. Arrests and convictions outside of Canada for participating in peaceful protests in opposition to tyrannical governments will not deem you inadmissible to Canada.


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CIVS Hong Kong Immigration Support Team


Connie Kwok


Ms. Kwok serves as the Senior Immigration Coordinator and head of the Asia Pacific (Hong Kong) division at Canada Immigration and Visa Services.

Ms. Kwok can advise on resettlement solutions for families including school choice, residential accommodations and other pre/post-landing services for our valued clients.

Ms. Kwok is fluent in Cantonese, English and Mandarin.


Sean G. McKinsley, B.A., RCIC


Sean G. McKinsley, BA, RCIC is the Managing Partner and Founder of Canada Immigration and Visa Services Inc. (CIVS).


Anne Serrano


Anne Serrano is currently serving as Canada Immigration and Visa Services Administrative Assistant.


Steven Paolasini, B. Eng


Steven J Paolasini is the Senior National Vice President at Canada Immigration and Visa Services Inc. (CIVS).


Kimberly White


Kimberly White is the Vice President, Finance at Canada Immigration and Visa Services. She is located in our Calgary office.


Nikola Misina, B.A., RCIC


Nikola Misina is a Partner at Canada Immigration and Visa Services Inc. (CIVS).

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CIVS is owned and managed by Sean G McKinsley, Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC). CIVS is headquartered at the Maximus 88 Professional Center located in the Sunalta beltline. We are pleased to offer free on-site parking. We are also steps away from the Sunalta LRT C-train station.

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