Sean G McKinsley, Managing Partner, Canada Immigration and Visa Services (CIVS), proudly congratulate, Ms. Kimberly J White for being a license immigration consultant and promoted to being a Partner with Canada Immigration and Visa Services.

From Coast-to-Coast, CIVS is Canada’s national immigration firm specializing in helping entrepreneurial newcomers live the Canadian dream.

Promotion: Kimberly J White, RCIC – Partner, RCIC – Canada Immigration and Visa Services Inc

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Ms. Kimberly J White is a Partner at Canada Immigration and Visa Services.

Kimberly is a member in good standing with the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultant, R712483

Kimberly is the past Vice-President for Finance at CIVS.  Prior to joining CIVS, Kimberly worked as a financial administrator for a business law firm in Western Canada. She has gained a broad understanding of financial knowledge and management through the ownership and operations of many businesses over a wide range of industries as a successful entrepreneur and real estate investor.

Kimberly is also an active business investor and owns several companies.  Her passion is to assist entrepreneurial newcomers transition seamlessly in their journey to Canada.

Kimberly’s diverse background as an entrepreneur, business investor, and management consultant benefits our clients in their transition from overseas to Canada. 

Kimberly holds Diplomas from Mount Royal College, Alberta (Arts & Science – 1999) and an Immigration Practioner Diploma (Laws Policies and Procedures – 2022) from CSIC.

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