Sean G McKinsley, Managing Partner and Nikola Misina, Senior Partner, Canada Immigration and Visa Services (CIVS), proudly announce the following appointments and promotions. CIVS is a national immigration and business development practice proudly serving clients through our British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and India offices. 

Appointment: Ms. Victoria H Anderson, Executive Director | Vancouver, British Columbia 

Victoria is an accomplished professional with a passion for serving clients in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia for over a decade.  Victoria is available in the Lower Mainland through the CIVS Vancouver office located in Yaletown. 

 About Victoria 

Victoria H Anderson is a business development and sales professional with extensive experience in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. After completion of her studies, Victoria worked as a legal assistant for several years at a Calgary based law firm. Upon resettlement to Vancouver, British Columbia, Victoria has gained vast experience in business development and sales management roles across various organizations. As an accomplished professional with a successful track record for increasing saleand with an extensive network in the Lower Mainland, Victoria assists business immigration clients at CIVS in sourcing, acquiring, operating, and developing their business asset. 

Appointment: Ms. Ashley Chong, Client Services Specialist | Calgary, Alberta  

Ashley is working from CIVS Calgary, Alberta head office.  Ashley is an accomplished and energetic individual who brings passion to every project and holds a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) degree. 

About Ashley 

Ashley is a Client Services Specialist at CIVS and a well traveled professional with work experience spanning 3 continents focused on legal assisting and immigration work. Ashley is multilingual and can communicate fluently in English, Malay, and Mandarin. She holds a Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of West England, Bristol and is passionate about serving immigration clients at CIVS. 

Promotion:  Kimberly J White, Vice President, Finance 

Kimberly has been the Controller for CIVS since our inception.  Kimberly will be leading the new accounting team including our incoming controller and manager for audit and compliance. 

 About Kimberly 

Kimberly White is the Vice President, Finance at Canada Immigration and Visa Services. Kimberly has a passion for financial management and accounting. She has experience working as a financial administrator for a large law firm in Western Canada. She has gained a broad understanding of financial knowledge and management through the ownership and operations of many businesses over a wide range of industries as a successful entrepreneur and real estate investor. Kimberly is essential in her role as Vice President, Finance to maintain the financial management and compliance of CIVS on the national scale and assist business immigrants in establishing their financial accounting objectives. Kimberly is the segue between client and financial institutions (especially our friends and partners at the National Bank of Canada). Together, Kimberly and clients work together in setting up personal and business bank accounts, credit facilities and other critical financial services to help our clients seamlessly transition from overseas to Canada. 

Promotion:  Steven J Paolasini, Senior National Vice President

Steven is promoted from Vice President at CIVS to his enhanced national position.  Steven is studying to become a licensed practitioner and CIVS expects that he will be expanding his role in becoming Partner once his licensing is approved with our regulator. 

About Steven 

Steven J Paolasini is the Senior National Vice President at Canada Immigration and Visa Services Inc. (CIVS). Steven is originally from Grimsby, Ontario and earned a degree in Chemical Engineering (2014) from McGill University. Steven has business development hard-coded into his DNA and is an entrepreneur to the core. He believes that Canada can continue to improve and be the ultimate destination in the world by importing the best, brightest, most innovative companies and talent. Steven is achieving this goal as Senior  National Vice President of CIVS by assisting business immigration clients in sourcing and starting their business in Canada through various immigration pathways. 

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