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The Success Story – Sunny of R Cafe Calgary 

Sunny is an experienced executive senior manager with over 15 years of experience in a managerial role in 3 different organizations. Upon graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in economics and finance from the esteemed University of Hong Kong, Sunny began his career working in one of the big 4 multinational accounting and finance firms in Hong Kong and working as an associate. After 3 years, he took a position as a Finance Manager and proceeded to another promotion in 3 years as Assistant Internal Audit Manager for another company. Sunny’s current senior managerial role, as the Group Financial Controller in a large publicly-traded company, allows him to manage a team of over 150 personnel. Sunny is an experienced and seasoned professional in the fields of finance, investing and accounting, and is ideally qualified to be the CEO & Director of a prospective chain of quick, healthy food bistro’s, the R Café as his next career move. His role in the company, which he is 100% controlling and has 100% ownership, will be that of a CEO, directing and controlling through his middle managers of the R Café and delegating tasks through them.

The cafe is currently in the process of undergoing renovation and Sunny’s LMIA application is in the process of being approved. Upon approval of his 2-year LMIA, Sunny will be able to obtain his work permit at the airport and his spouse will obtain an open work permit (to work for any employer in Canada) for 2 years. Their child will automatically be given access to free public educations, healthcare, and most other benefits workers and residents of Canada receive. He will also be eligible for Express Entry and his current points indicate that he will be drawn imminently upon LMIA approval.

R Cafe

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Phone: (825) 561-8457

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