May 30, 2020 – For Immediate Release

Sean G McKinsley, Steven J Paolasini and the team at Canada Immigration and Visa Services (CIVS) proudly announce their agreement to join forces with with Central Alberta entrepreneur, James Carpenter.

On the occasion of the birthday for Alberta’s great Premier, Jason Kenney, we announce today a plan to create jobs for Albertans through business investment immigration.

Together, CIVS and James Carpenter are taking tangible steps to assist overseas entrepreneurs to invest their hard-earned investment capital, hopes, dreams, and future for their families in Alberta.

CIVS and the James Carpenter Group of companies, are working hard with Central Alberta landlords, property owners and government officials to bring new investment capital as part of our contribution to the reboot of the Alberta economy.

Small business is the engine for the economic growth of our great province. We are assisting well-educated and talented professionals seeking refuge from Hong Kong and other parts of the world to be invited to choose Alberta as their new home. These highly-skilled entrepreneurs bring with them their personal life savings, job creating skills, and the ability to create jobs and economic growth in their new home – Alberta.

Here are some recent or upcoming new businesses creating jobs for Albertans:

  • 582 Restaurant -Didsbury, Alberta Coming back soon
       *$300,000 investment, Four (4) full-time and Three (3) part-time new jobs for Albertans to be created.
  • Jackie’s Café – Didsbury, Alberta– next to the closed 582 (home of the greatest meatball sandwich in Alberta) 
     * $150,000 investment, Three (3) full-time jobs to be created for Albertans.
  • Urban Tails – Ranchlands, Calgary, Alberta
    * $150,000 investment, Two (2) full-time, One (1) part-time jobs created for Albertans.
  • R- Cafe – 550, 11 Avenue SW, Calgary, Alberta
    * $150,000 investment, Three (3) full-time, One (1) part-time jobs created for Albertans.
  • eXsphere Software Technology Development – Calgary, Alberta
    *Up to $750,000 investment, Up to Fifty (50) full-time jobs to be created for Albertans.
  • Jamie Chan Math and Music Learning – Calgary, Alberta
    *$150,000 investment, Two (2) full-time , Two (2) part-time jobs to be created for Albertans.
  • Canada Cannoli Company – Calgary, Strathmore, and Five (5) more locations coming soon.
    *$500,000 investment, Up to Twenty (20) full-time , Twenty (20) part-time jobs to be created for Albertans.

For more information, contact us:

James Carpenter Group of Companies
James Carpenter
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Nikola Misina, Partner
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