How to receive a notification of interest and a subsequent provincial nomination from Alberta for a fast-track to permanent residency 

Alberta Express Entry is a steam of the AINP, the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program. The Alberta Express Entry Stream allows the province of Alberta to nominate a limited number of qualified candidates that currently have profiles in the federal Express Entry system. The basic requirements are to have a minimum CRS score of 300 and an active federal Express Entry profile. First, a Notification of Interest letter is sent to the applicant with an active application in the Express Entry pool, essentially an invitation. Once the notification of interest and supporting documentation is submitted, a nomination may be issued from the province.  

A nomination from the province of Alberta results in an additional 600 points being added to a candidates express entry CRS score. With the current draw cutoffs for federal Express Entry falling around 470, a provincially nominated candidate is guaranteed to have at least 900 points. Therefore, it is a mathematical certainty that the Alberta Express Entry Nominee candidate will, on the next Express Entry draw, receive an invitation to apply for Permanent Residence to Canada. The processing time for obtaining Permanent Residence through the Express Entry system is less than 6 months. 


How to get a Notification of Interest letter and a subsequent nomination from Alberta?

It is unclear how the government of Alberta chooses who to issue nominations to that are in the Express Entry pool and how to guarantee a Notification of Interest letter. This information is not made public. However, there are a few key factors in the experience of CIVS, and indicated by the government of Alberta, that will increase the likelihood of a candidate who is waiting in the federal Express Entry pool to receive a Notification of Interest from Alberta. 

Example of Notification of Interest letter 

Factors that increase your likelihood of receiving an NOI 

Based on available profile information in the Express Entry portal, Alberta may select candidates and send them a Notification of Interest letter in their federal Express Entry profile. This information is self-declared by candidates in the Express Entry pool. Here are factors that are required and that strengthen the likelihood of receiving a Notification of Interest letter: 

  • Candidates who have demonstrated strong ties to Alberta 
  • Candidates who can help support the government’s economic development and diversification priorities 
  • Graduates from Canadian post-secondary institutions 
  • Candidates that have an active Express Entry profile in the federal Express Entry pool 
  • Candidates that have stated an interest in immigrating permanently to Alberta 
  • Candidates must have a minimum Comprehensive Ranking System score of 300 
  • Candidates that have an Alberta based job offer and/or work experience 
  • Candidates that have a relative that is living in Alberta: parent, child, brother and/or sister 

Factors that decrease your likelihood of receiving an NOI 

These factors are known and may reduce your likelihood of receiving an NOI from the province of Alberta 

  • An Express Entry profile that expires in 3 months or less 
  • If the candidate is working in an occupation: 
  • on the list of High-wage and low-wage occupations in the province of Alberta set out on the online Government of Canada Refusal to Process a Labour Market Impact Assessment list 
  • on the Alberta Opportunity Stream Ineligible Occupations list, located on this page under the Alberta Opportunity Stream section that has a high volume of submissions across all AINP streams 

The government of Alberta makes it clear that there is no guarantee that if you meet the selection requirements you will receive a Notification of Interest. Notification of Interest letters and requests to submit an application are affected by the volume of potential candidates meeting these requirements, the type (occupation/sector) of submissions in AINP processing queues and the number of available nominations. 

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