A week in review, April 13th-19th, from Canada Immigration and Visa Services

Jointly authored by Sean G McKinsley, Managing Partner, and Steven J Paolasini, Vice-President

3 Alberta Notifications of Interest

Three of our valued clients received a Notification of Interest letter from the province of Alberta for Alberta Express Entry. Two of these clients are currently abroad but have an active Express Entry profile in the EE pool. The other client is located right here at home in Calgary, on a closed LMIA work permit. This is fantastic news to see the province of Alberta is still nominating candidates for Alberta Express Entry which offers a shortcut to be drawn in Express Entry for a fast path to Permanent Residency. For more information on the Alberta Express Entry system and how it works, please see this post: https://civs.ca/2020/04/what-is-alberta-express-entry/

200 point 00 NOC LMIA Extension

One of our valued clients who we assisted in obtaining an LMIA is patiently waiting to be drawn for her Permanent Residency in the Express Entry pool. This client has a CRS points score above 470 and is likely to be drawn when the next FSW draw through Express Entry occurs. Due to COVID-19, the processing of work permits from India appears to have halted due to the shutdown and the recent Express Entry draws have been program specific to Canadian Experience Class. This created delays as our client is eligible for FSW only. As we are currently waiting on either a work permit approval or a PR draw for our client to come to Canada, the LMIA passed the expiry date, waiting for either a draw or an approval to occur.

Thankfully, Service Canada understands the challenges that COVID has presented us with and has extended the validity of our client’s LMIA, allowing our client and family more time to get to Canada. Service Canada has expressed that new LMIA’s issued for the time being will now be extended to 9 months instead of the standard 6 months, because of COVID-19 and its effects on travel.

200 point 00 NOC LMIA Approval

Brijeesh of Bricana Ventures, one of our valued Owner Operator clients, achieved a successful 00 NOC Owner Operator LMIA as CEO/Director of his company. Service Canada is still working on Owner Operator files and have allocated more resources to the officers assisting in processing agricultural and farm worker LMIA’s to ensure the strength of Canada’s food supply chain during this unprecedented time. Congratulations Brijeesh, and welcome to Canada! For more information on the success of Brijesh’s LMIA application, please see our success story post released recently at this link: https://civs.ca/2020/04/another-owner-operator-success-story-congratulations-to-brijeesh-singh-ceo-of-bricana-ventures/

At CIVS, were still working amidst all the COVID-19 uncertainty but absolutely taking all the precautions necessary to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Get started on your application to immigrate to Canada, it’s always a good time to get started. We can assist you. Contact CIVS – Canada Immigration and Visa Services today.

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