In our previous post titled “Increased Support for business owner operators in wake of COVID-19, we mentioned the Government of Canada is taking drastic action to support entrepreneurs, business owners, and owner operators due to COVID-19 economic slowdowns. Some of these benefits include wage subsidies for business owners, and importantly interest-free or guaranteed credit facilities for eligible businesses. The Government has still not provided fully the specifics regarding eligibility and how the businesses can apply for these benefits just yet.  

As of today March 31st, we have received correspondence from our friends and partners at the National Bank (Banque Nationale du Canada), a large Canadian bank, who have supplied us with a gateway link from the banks that are supporting this credit facility. 

Here is the link that’s been provided to us, from the regional vice-president of National Bank. It is for any business owner wishing to get the ball rolling on securing credit facilities for their business. 

Also included in the email correspondence was a PDF titled: “Federal Relief Measures Guide” – Government of Canada’s Economic Response to COVID-19. This document outlines concisely the benefits that are available for individuals and businesses in an easily laid out table format with appropriate links. It has been uploaded to our website and the link is included below as a courtesy. 

Federal Relief Measures Guide