March 19th, 2020 

During this time, we are working with clients online via video conferencing, telephone conference and emailHowever, ware remaining fully operational throughout the Coronavirus outbreak and working from our secure premises to continue to provide the best service to our overseas clients. We are leveraging our expansive repertoire of technology to remain operational and serve our clients in the best manner possible while preventing the spread of Coronavirus. We are actively practicing social distancing, personal hygiene, and controlled internal work conditions wherever possible to do our part in containing the virus outbreak. 

Service Canada is still processing applications 

On March 19th, we received correspondence from a Service Canada officer who is working remotely requesting updated information on one of our client files. This is fantastic news as it affirms the Service Canada is still operational. Service Canada is the department in charge of processing LMIA’s (Labour Market Impact Assessments) which support the case for a foreign national to participate and work in the Canadian labour market. The processing of LMIA’s is crucial to our Owner-Operator Business Immigration pathway to permanent residency. A successful 00 NOC LMIA adds an additional 200 points to any client in the Express Entry pool. Typically, the addition of an LMIA can trigger an immediate invitation to apply depending on the client circumstances and existing CRS score. 

While currently the border is closed to anyone who is not a Canadian or Permanent Resident, it is still possible to become a Permanent Resident from abroad. Let’s get started on your application today. 

Alberta is still nominating candidates 

We are proud to announce today, March 19th, 2020 that our client, Monty, who has been in Alberta for the last year, was today given a notice of invitation, by the province, to be added to the Federal Express Entry system. By receiving a provincial nomination, Monty receives an additional 600 points to his CRS score in the Express Entry pool. It is a mathematical certainty that on the next Express Entry draw, Monty will be invited to apply for Permanent Residency. The processing time guideline in Express Entry is 6 months, and Monty will be a Permanent Resident of Canada in 2020. Congratulations Monty! 

Why start your immigration process today? 

While the world turns, eligible applicants can apply for and receive up to a 200 point increase to their CRS score in the Express Entry pool via the Owner Operator LMIA Pathway to Canada. Immediately upon issuance of a positive LMIA, the additional CRS points can be added to the Express Entry profile of the applicant. 200 CRS points can boost a candidate’s score and trigger an Invitation to Apply for Permanent Residence (even while a candidate waits for processing of a work permit in their home country)  

All Canadian Permanent Residents and Canadian Citizens can enter Canada at any time.  No work permit is required.  Therefore, the OwnerOperator LMIA Pathway can provide entrance security to foreign nationals currently not permitted to enter Canada  

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