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6 hours ago
Almost returning to my home country (Dominican republic) last July 31, 2018. No more savings to continue my studies, until I meet NIKOLA MISINA. One day before my status was about to expired he got an approved LMIA, moreover on July 31st just a couple hours before my status in Canada get over, he apply for a work permit for me and it was APPROVED.

In the other side, I have applied for my wife visa and she was refused 4 times. A work permit and a visitor visa in 2017, and 2 visitor Visa this year. First one was in February and the second one in April 2019. Then, I decided to use Nikola Misina services and in July we applied for my wife work permit and she got approved.

I am so happy and I recommend this guy to everyone who is struggling to get approved in their immigration cases.
Is for that reason I baptized him with the name of: