*The name of this successful business immigrant and the business he operates have been changed for confidentiality reasons. 

Rocky’s Story

Rocky is an Indian Citizen and was born in Mumbai (Bombay) India. He studied Electronics Engineering at the University of Bombay and after graduating; accepted a promising job offer in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. For the first few years of his engineering position, Rocky would commute back to Bombay to visit his family of a wife and two children. Rocky was able to eventually move his family to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia where he could work and spend more time to be close with his family. 

After years of working for a large multi-billion-dollar international company as an electronics engineer, Rocky was promoted to a managerial role within the company. He did well financially and was surrounded by his immediate family but he became increasingly concerned about the future of his family and his children. In Saudi Arabiathere was no possibility for him and his family to become citizens.  Rocky found that the opportunity for an internationally recognized equivalent to a quality Western higher education within Saudi Arabia was limited for his children.  Rocky could not own real estate property or a business. He could not establish roots for his family and the option of returning to India, while financially he had the means to do so, did not offer his children and his family the opportunity he was looking for.  

Rocky began to look at immigrating to various countries including the United States, the UK, Australia, and Canada. After rigorous research, Rocky decided to choose immigration to Canada. Canada offers the opportunity to live, work, and study in a safe, clean, and desirable country with a long-term plan to become Permanent Residents and ultimately citizens. Canada offers Rocky and his family a free and superior public education. Canada offers affordable yet world class higher education. Canada offers the opportunity Rocky and his family were looking for. Now, Rocky and his family has successfully immigrated to Canada and Rocky is a turnkey business owner of a successful transportation company with an established track record in the Lower Mainland area of British Columbia. 

How was it done?

A thorough breakdown and step by step process to immigrating through the owner/operator LMIA Pathway is described on CIVS (Canada Immigration & Visa Services) at this link to summarize the Owner Operator LMIA Pathway.

1) With the help of a licensed immigration professional, Rocky obtained multiple entry, 10 years TRV’s (Temporary Resident Visa’s) for entry to Canada. 

2) With admission to Canada with the TRV’s and support of CIVS, Rocky visiteddiscovered and purchased a turnkey business for sale, North Line Transportation Company*, in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. This turnkey business already offered contracts in place, established presence in the market, resettlement assistance, operator training and more. 

3) After the purchase of North Line Transportation Company, Rocky’s Owner Operator LMIA was approved by Service Canada. 

4) With a positive LMIA decision, Rocky was able to obtain his Work Permit at a Canadian port of entry with the professional support and guidance of CIVS. 

5) Since the Work Permit approval, Rocky and his family have successfully settled in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. 

Why did you choose the Owner Operator LMIA Pathway for Immigration?

“I knew for my family to successfully immigrate to Canada, I had to utilize an economic immigration stream. The Owner Operator LMIA pathway and entrepreneurship provides an option for people like myself to be the master of my own destiny. I did not want to find a job and work in a position not suitable for me. The federal business investor Owner Operator Pathway was the only option and most practical solution for me. I factored in the cost, risk, time, and success rate. I am not doing this for myself but for my children, and my children’s children.” 

Why did you choose to immigrate to Canada?

“My top 4 places of immigration were the United States, Australia, the UK, and Canada. After weighing many factors, Canada came out on top as the best country to suit my needs and the needs of my family. As an Indian national, it would have taken me and my family at least 8 years to get a conditional green card at best in the USA. A full green card would have required over 20 years of uncertainty, as there is a large queue for people born in India. Australia has most recently tightened immigration including language requirements to an IELTS score of over 8, which I knew would be a tough barrier to overcome. Lastly, the UK is a highly competitive market for immigration with a very high, nearly prohibitive cost of living. Canada was easily the best choice.” 


“I have seen and spoken with many consultants and immigration professionals, but I could not find a way to invest my money safely in a way which I was able to with CIVS. People ask me, what is a safe way? CIVS offered me a successful, turnkey business in a minimal risk process facilitated by the professionals at CIVS. The level of professionalism and personal attention CIVS offered me and the people they connected me with for resettlement assistance was a pleasure. They were available at any time, evenings, weekends and take calls after hours. They work for you, and your success and I would highly recommend the team of professionals at CIVS.” 

For more information on purchasing a turnkey business and working with CIVS to successfully immigrate to Canada as a business investor, please contact us.


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