Potential Timeline for Coming to Canada as an Owner Operator

By Sean G McKinsley, BA, RCIC, Managing Director, Canada Immigration and Visa Services (CIVS)

Often, we are asked what the timeline will be for coming to Canada under the Owner Operator stream.

Here is one scenario, in a step-by-step process.

In this scenario, you are a Citizen of India who is currently a resident living with your family in Dubai, UAE. You are an experienced businessman and wish to start up a new enterprise in Canada.  You have a spouse and two children.

STEP 1: Apply for Temporary Resident Visas

Apply for Temporary Resident Visas (TRVs) for yourself, your spouse and two dependent children.  We suggest that you each apply for 10 year, multiple entry TRVs.  The processing time is approximately 7-21 weeks for the TRVs to be approved through the overseas IRCC Visa Processing Office. We will submit your applications on your behalf online as part of our service to you.

Estimated Approximate Timeline: Midpoint – 14 weeks

STEP 2: Complete Eligibility Assessment

We complete an eligibility assessment for you and your family and make recommendations thereto.

Estimated Approximate Timeline: Parallel to Step 1

STEP 3: Submit an Owner/Operator LMIA Application

Assist, prepare and submit on your behalf, an application for a Labour Market Impact Assessment application.

Estimated Approximate Timeline: LMIA decision early as 10 business days following decision (in the case of High Wage (Top 10%) category)

Step 4: Apply for Work Permits

Assist, prepare and submit on your behalf an application for Work Permit, Open Work Permit for an accompanying dependent spouse, and study permit for accompanying dependent children.

Estimated Approximate Timeline:  Processing time 8 weeks from application

STEP 5: Apply for Permanent Residency

Assist, prepare and submit on your behalf an application for Permanent Residency (either through Federal Express Entry or a Provincial Nomination Program).

Estimated Approximate Timeline: If Express Entry, current processing time is 6 months.  Longer time period for other streams of application for Permanent Residency.

The above scenario is based on a number of variables and should not be considered professional advice.  We recommend that you always consult a professional before making any decisions about immigrating to Canada. If you are interested in immigrating to Canada as a business owner/operator, please submit your information via the form below. For more information on the Owner/Operator LMIA Pathway, please visit the Federal Investor Immigration Streams section of our website linked here.

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About the author:  Sean McKinsley is Managing Director of Canada Immigratuion and Visa Services. Prior to establishing Canada Immigration and Visa Services (CIVS), Mr. McKinsley served as the senior legislative aide for two prominent Members of the House of Commons of Canada.  Mr. McKinsley also has a distinguished career in the public and private sectors having held positions of Chief Operating Officer of a Western Canadian Law Firm and past Executive Director of a provincial Taxpayer Association.