The Global Talent Stream was introduced in 2017, to fasten the application of work visa for the eligible foreign workers in the field of Information Technology and Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in Canada.

The program allows the Canadian employers to present Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) to obtain a work visa for the foreign workers quickly as fast as 10 business days due to high critical skilled labour demand.

The proposal to make the pilot program permanent will help Canadian tech leaders in their ongoing efforts to acquire the talent they need to “scale-up globally.”

Canada’s Information and Communication Technology Council projected that there will be 216,000 job vacancies by 2021. This would be appealing to skilled digital workers worldwide as an actual result for the tech industry leaders to grow their businesses and to curtail opportunity cost by talent inadequacy.

The Canadian government did not mention how many work visas it has approved since the start of the Global Talent Stream. They had achieved commitments from employers to create 40,000 new job opportunities for Canadians and permanent residents, generate more than 10,000 Co-op placements and invest more than $90 million in skills and development training.

Canadian federal government guaranteed to support the Global Talent Stream for $35.2 million budget for the first five years starting 2019-2020, with an ongoing yearly budget of $7.4 million.

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