Spousal Sponsorship in Canada – Spouse, common-law, conjugal partners, and children

If you are a Permanent Resident of Canada or a Canadian Citizen you can become a sponsor for your spouse, partner or children. To sponsor a child, partner, or spouse means that permanent residency and ultimately, citizenship, can be granted to them through your status. Spousal, partner or child sponsorship cases take an extensive amount [...]

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Why to seek an immigration consultant before applying for your permanent residency to IRCC

When applying for your permanent residency it’s an exciting time. You’ve likely spent years in Canada studying or working and are ready or invited to finally submit your application for PR. However, every month, many applicants who have applied for PR are rejected. We do not have the statistics on how many applicants are rejected [...]

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Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship (PGP) for Canadian immigration has new rules in 2019

Eligible Canadian citizens or permanent residents are able to sponsor their parents and grandparents to immigrate to Canada. For many years the Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship program was lottery based. However, announced on August 20th 2018, the IRCC announced it is rolling out a different PGP program. In 2019, on January 28th at noon Eastern [...]

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What is an LMIA/LMO and why do I need one?

LMIA stands for “Labour Market Impact Assessment” and was previously known as an LMO or “Labour Market Opinion.” An LMIA is a document that some employers may need to obtain to hire a foreign worker. The LMIA is an assessment done by the government of Canada to determine that hiring the foreign worker will ultimately [...]

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