Whether you are looking to come for your first undergraduate degree or would like to find a specialization via a Diploma or Certificate, Canada offers a wide variety of programs and resources for International Students.

Canada welcomes thousands of International Students per year and at CIVS we are here to help you transition from your home country directly into any Canadian classroom.

As an International Student you will be able to gain a Canadian educational credential which has international recognition, as well as Canadian work experience, which will help you secure your full-time job upon graduation. As an International Student, and depending on the length of your academic program, you will be able to work during your studies as well as to secure an open work permit to partake in the Canadian workforce, upon graduation. Once the candidate has enough work experience -which can range to 6 months to one year (depending on the candidate)- applying and obtaining Permanent Residence is the next step.

It has been a long-standing policy of Canada to pave the way to Canadian Permanent Residence for International Students. “These young people are the cream of the crop in terms of future Canadians” stated Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen at the Association of Atlantic Universities in Halifax, NS.  International Students are valuable for Canada not only in terms of their expertise, but as well of the economic impact they have on the Canadian economy.

If you are thinking in coming to Canada to invest in your education and make Canada your home, allows to make your transition a smooth one. 

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