IRCC is not the staying behind technology and has now introduced the new Time Tracking tool to all its Express Entry application for Permanent Residence.

By adopting this technology, now all Express Entry Permanent Resident candidates will be able to monitor in real-time where their application for Permanent Residence is at, and how close (or far) they are from a final decision on their application. IRCC has finally been able to address one of the biggest complaints when it came to applications: the level of stress and anxiety that the immigration process can cause in almost every applicant by not providing a specific timeline. This will also force IRCC to work diligently to comply with the posted times.

If you currently have a Permanent Residence application in process, you can now simply log into your MyCIC account and know exactly when to expect a decision. This technology will not only improve waiting times for individuals who need to urgently contact the Call Centre (as it will alleviate the call volume), but it will also help improve the overall user experience of the Express Entry portal.

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